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Senior Spotlight – Savannah Manuel

Savannah Manuel

Savannah Manuel started at Legacy Christian Academy in the 11th grade. Savannah chose Legacy because of her background at her other school, where she was bullied, and she thought that the way to fix it was to go to a school that showed her God through everything.

To Savannah, being a spiritual leader means that she can lead others to Christ. Chapels that have influenced her the most are the ones that influence her to follow God’s word. “We tend to go off his path sometimes and those chapels that talk about how to get back on track help me a lot and influence me to become a better Christian,” she says.

She wants to study Criminal Law or Forensic Science in college. She has been accepted to Lee College in Baytown Texas.

One of her favorite teachers is Mrs. Bellard, because she has always been there for Savannah and she is such an amazing teacher, Savannah loves to talk to her because it brings out the best of her. Savannah says, “She never fails to put a smile on my face. I look forward to seeing her every day and I’m going to miss her when I graduate.” Another one of Savannah’s favorite teachers is Mrs. Deckard. “I just love to be around her. I look up to her as a role model. She has such an amazing connection with God and it makes me want to grow closer to him. She always sees the best in people and I just love that she can just go on and on about how amazing God is.”

Savannah says that Legacy has brought her closer to God and that God is always by her side. To be an LCA alumnus means to her that she has proven the people wrong that thought she couldn’t do it, and it makes her feel good about herself that she has accomplished getting through high school.

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