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College Beat for Seniors

January 2017

If you have not already done so, it is time to begin filling out the FAFSA!  (Free Application For Student Aid).  There is a great article about filling out the FAFSA that I would strongly suggest your read at  The article explains how to fill it out as well as avoiding common mistakes.

PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR FSA ID (or PIN number) once you establish it!  You may go back to the site after saving a page, so please do not feel like you must complete it at one setting.  Completing your FAFSA will allow your student access to grants, scholarships, and work-study on a college campus.

Below are current scholarship applications.  If your student is interested, please have them stop by my office and pick up the paperwork if applicable.  I will keep you updated as more opportunities come in.

And, has your senior received a Bacterial Meningitis shot yet?!  It is required before they can register for college classes and/or housing!

  1. Gulf Credit Union is offering $1,000 scholarship to any member.  The application is due March 3.
  2. The Junior League of Beaumont is offering a $1,000 scholarship to one female student who has demonstrated her commitment to voluntarism.  The application is at .  The deadline is March 31.
  3. Church’s Chicken Scholars Program  is offering a $1,000 scholarship.  The application process is simple and on-line at
  4. For those interested in majoring in Radiologic Technology, Baptist Hospital offers an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science.  They only accept 25 students each year.  The brochure is available at
  5. For those attending Lamar, Beaumont Foundation sponsors the Southeast Texas Legends Scholarship Program.  This application involves quite a bit of paperwork so be prepared to spend some time completing it.  The deadline is April 1.  More information can be found at

Rhonda Cregor
Director of College Placement/Admissions/Registrar
Legacy Christian Academy

College Beat for Juniors

Oct. 10, 2016

It is time to sign up your child for the ACT, SAT, or both!  Students must take one of the tests in order to be accepted into college. To sign up for the SAT, please go to  To sign up for the ACT, please go to  I actually prefer the ACT because it lines up more with our curriculum.  Every college in the country accepts either test!

Each site takes about 20-30 minutes to complete the registration.  The ACT also includes an interest inventory for your student to complete, then gives suggestions (based on their answers) on possible fields of study they may be interested in!

You will be able to choose where you want to take it (such as LCA, Lamar, or West Brook), when you want to take it (the sooner the better!), then pay on the site.  Also, at the end of the registration, it will allow you to send your scores to up to 4 colleges FOR FREE!  Please do that on the site!!  If you wait until after you receive your scores, you will have to pay to have them sent, and it takes longer.  It’s okay if the scores are not where you want them to be after the first time; it’s still a good idea to have them automatically sent.  I would make one of the 4 colleges Lamar.

I strongly encourage every Junior to take one or both of the tests next semester.  College applications can now begin as early as August, so already having a college entrance test score helps speed up the acceptance!

Also, during the summer, try to set up college visits of your student’s top 3 choices.  Sign up on each college’s website for a scheduled visit ahead of time.  And, your child will need to get the Bacterial Meningitis shot over the summer-ugh!

FAFSA Information

As of Oct. 10, 2016

Normally, I would send you this information in early January regarding filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  However, our government is now allowing families to fill out FAFSA beginning now and using your 2015 tax returns!  Please feel free to read about filling out the application at

I strongly recommend that you fill this out every year your student will be attending college.  All students must complete this to receive any scholarships, work study on campus, or loans.  Even if you do not think you will receive any federal help, it still needs to be completed in order for a student to be eligible for any financial aid.  PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR FSA ID (or PIN number) once you establish it!  The site is

You may go back to the site after saving a page, so please do not feel like you must complete it at one setting.  And, you will need to assist your student all along the way on this site.

October 2016

Dear Parents,

  • I am so excited for our seniors who have already been accepted into a college for next year!  Congratulations!!
  • All Seniors should be in the process of completing college applications.  For most Texas public universities, the application is ApplyTexas at  I have told the students to not panic at the length of the application; they can do 1 or 2 pages a night and save each page.
  • Mrs. Mack will be working with Seniors during their math class next week (Homecoming week) on college applications.  Applications to all universities need to be completed and sent by Oct. 31, even if a senior has not yet taken the SAT or ACT or wants to take them again.
  • If your student is interested in playing a sport for college, you must call SAT or ACT to have your student’s score sent directly to the university.
  • Scholarship opportunities will be looked at by the universities once a student is admitted.  I also have a book on general scholarships so if you want to check the book out, just stop by and let me know!
  • Progress Reports will be emailed Friday, Oct. 14.  Please remember that Seniors must pass all classes for the year in order to participate in graduation!

Senior College Beat 2016

Dear Parents,

I realize there is much going on in your lives, especially now that you have a senior!  I will be emailing you once a month to help guide you through the college admissions process.

During the month of September, I will be meeting individually with each senior to discuss their futures, both in general and specific terms.  I also have Mrs. Earney assisting them with the essays that some universities require.  For the month of August through September 15ish, the students should:

  • Create a list of at least 4 colleges and begin the application process.  For most Texas schools, a senior can download the Apply Texas admissions packet, complete it only once, then send it to all the colleges they are interested in applying to.  Go to and begin!  They can save each page after completion; they do not need to complete the entire application in one sitting!
  • For most private/Christian universities, you will need to visit their website for a specific application.  Some will have a different essay than the public universities.
  • Create a master list with application fees and deadlines.  I would suggest that all applications be complete no later than October 1 because some universities will give preference for early decisions.  Also, students will not be eligible for scholarships until they are accepted by a university.
  • Please let me know where to send your student’s transcript.  We usually will have it sent out within 2 days of your request.
  • Plan on allowing your senior to make another visit to these specific colleges, if possible.  Each senior is allowed at least 3 college days that do not count towards an absence.  They will need to pick up a College Day form from me.
  • Register NOW if they want to take the SAT or ACT.  For the SAT, go to  For the ACT, go to

Please call me with any questions!

In Him,

Rhonda Cregor