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Excellence in all things, and all things to the glory of God!  This is our focus in the Fine Arts department at Legacy Christian Academy. From a Lower School art student working on a self-portrait to an Upper School theatre student waiting for the curtain to go up on opening night; from a Middle School band student who is just learning their first scales to an honors vocal student singing in the All-State choir, excellence is always the goal. We believe that we honor the Lord as we strive for a high level of performance using the gifts He has given. Alongside our goal of developing artistic skill in our students, is the goal of helping students understand how they can use those gifts for the greater glory of God. We want students to recognize that their abilities are indeed a gift from above as it says in James 1:17, and that those gifts will be best used when they are offered back to the Lord with gratitude.

First Place at
EDA Competition

8th grader Madelyn Baylor, 7th graders Cydni Young and Grace Langston, 8th graders Madalyn Hancock, and Blake Dubois won first place in the Jaguarland EDA Speech and Drama Competition Small Middle School Division. Madelyn, Grace, Madalyn and Blake Dubois all qualified for EDA State competition.