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Cathedral Christian School

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The Legacy Vision and Mission is to provide a Christ-Centered, College prep education, and to partner with parents in developing Christian character and noble deeds that students apply to make a difference in the world and to reach their God-given destinies summarized by "Christ Curriculum Character" 

2014-2015 Student Council

Executive Council

President: Matt Hayes
Vice-President: Caleb Long
Secretary/Treasurer: Lauren Graham

Senior Representatives:
Wayne Briggs
Madison Harris
Lilia Koelemay
 Keely Whittington

 Junior Representatives:
 Monica Angulo
 Lilia Hamby
Victoria Shillow
Alyssa Soileau

Sophomore Representatives:
Michael Koelemay
Marli Lemons
Peyton Mainwaring
Cole McKinstry
Breigh Richardson

 Freshman Representatives:
Bailey Hansen
Avery McKinstry
 Jenna Moore
Livia Stahl
Connor Tubbs
Bella Winslow

2013-2014 Student Council

Executive  Council

President:   Nathan Monger
Vice-President:   Logan Wilson
Secretary:   Olivia Sanders
Treasurer:   Lilia Koelemay
Student Council meets on the 
2nd Wednesday of each
month @ lunch in
Mrs. Maxey's room #104

2013-14 Spirit Days

August 29
‘Merica Day

September 19
College T-Shirt Day

Homecoming Week

Oct. 14
P.J. Day

Oct. 15
Superhero Day

Oct. 16
Twin Day

Oct. 17
Animal Day

Oct. 18
Green/Gold Day

November 14
Camo Day

December 12
Tacky Christmas Sweater Day

January 23
Celeb Day

February 13
Stoplight Day

March 13
Neon Day

April 17
Disney Character Day

May 8
Nerd Day

Senior Representatives
Hannah Granger
Olivia Hatton
Saylor Hawkins
Tyler Tate
Ashley White
Aaron Woods

Junior  Representatives
Madison Cowart
Lauren Graham
Matt Hayes
Keather Nichols
Tori Westbrook

Sophomore  Representatives
Monica Angulo
Victoria Shillow
Alyssa Soileau

Freshman  Representatives
Michael Koelemay
Peyton Mainwaring
Anne Morgan

Homecoming Court

Homecoming Week

Oct. 11-13: Hall Decorating
Oct. 14:  Powder Puff Game;  P.J. Day
Oct. 15:  Volleyball Tourney; Super Hero Day
Oct. 16:  Date Appreciation; Twin Day
Oct. 17:  Pep Rally/Bonfire; Animal Day
Oct. 18:  Homecoming Game; Green/Gold Day
Oct. 19:  Homecoming Banquet & Dance
Oct. 20:  Clean-up


August 23
Trash Pickup

August 28
Open House

September 8th
Fish Fest

September 18
Spirit Dress
Dapper Day

September 25
See You at the Pole

September 26-28
Homecoming Hall Decorating

September 29
Homecoming Week
Spirit Dress
PJ Day

Powder Puff Game

September 30
Homecoming Week
Spirit Dress 
Decades Day

Volleyball Tournament

October 1
Homecoming Week
Spirit Dress 
Multiples Day

Date Appreciation

October 2
Homecoming Week
Spirit Dress
Asian Day

Pep Rally & Bon Fire

October 3
Homecoming Week
Spirit Dress
Green & Gold Day

Homecoming Game

October 4
Homecoming Week

Banquet & Dance

October 5
Homecoming Week

Hallway Clean up

October 10
Progress Reports

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