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The Legacy Vision and Mission is to provide a Christ-Centered, College prep education, and to partner with parents in developing Christian character and noble deeds that students apply to make a difference in the world and to reach their God-given destinies summarized by "Christ Curriculum Character" 

Modesty of dress and appropriateness of overall appearance will be left to the discretion of the administration. The Administrators and Principal reserve the right to address inappropriate appearance that may not fall precisely within the dress code requirements. For example bright pink, purple, blue streaking of the hair is not appropriate. Students are expected to meet the dress code at all times. The students’ dress should reflect pride in their school and respect for themselves. Enforcement of the dress code, like all other disciplinary matters, is based on cooperation between students, parents, and the school. The school, however, is the final authority on dress code and other discipline issues. If, in the opinion of the school, a student’s dress is inappropriate, a parent may be called and required to bring an acceptable outfit to the school.

All clothing should be clearly marked with the student’s name. The school cannot be responsible for articles left at the school. Unclaimed clothes will be put in “Lost & Found” in the gym. Clothes not picked up by the end of each semester will be used for other purposes at the discretion of the school.

Campus Wear may be purchased from the vendor of your choice, but must meet the design and color requirements and meet guidelines that follow:

Where to Purchase Uniforms:

A complete list of required and optional uniform items is available in the main office. It is required that uniform plaid skirts and white ¾ sleeve blouses be purchased at Parker Uniform Company, located in Houston, Texas, or purchased on-line at Clothing may also be purchased from other vendors so long as it meets the standards of design and color, and bears the appropriately placed and designed Legacy Christian Academy monogram. Legacy’s Web ID code for Parker Uniforms is: HO011403.

Chapel Dress Uniforms Chapels are scheduled on Wednesday of each week. The following clothing is considered acceptable for Chapel Day or other important days when the school requires “standard dress uniform” or “chapel wear.” Such days may include, but are not limited to funerals, days when school is receiving special visitors, or days when students are representing our school at community functions.

1.Required Girls Chapel Dress Uniform:

a.Parker Plaid Pleated Skirt (minimum length while standing is at the top of the knee cap)

b.White monogrammed button-down blouse (short, long or ¾ sleeve).

c.Note: only Parker ¾ sleeve blouse may be worn out-tucked under vest.

d.Only a plain white or beige t-shirt or camisole is to be worn under uniform and/or dress shirts.

e.Dark shorts are required wear under skirt at all times.

f.Options to Chapel Dress for girls: Monogrammed sweater vest or sweater. Navy Monogrammed zip-up fleece over sweater or sweater vest.

g.Sweatshirts and hoodies are not allowed on Chapel Days.

2.Required Boys Chapel Dress Uniform:

a.Khaki pants (flat front or pleated)

b.White monogrammed button-down oxford shirt (Only a white t-shirt may be worn under the uniform shirt)


d.Sweatshirts and hoodies are not allowed on Chapel Days.

e.Options to Chapel Dress for boys: Navy monogrammed sweater vest, Navy monogrammed sweater, Navy monogrammed zip-up fleece.

Campus Wear All students shall be required to wear “Campus Wear” on all days except Chapel Days and Casual Days. Campus wear is optional on Casual day.

1.Girls Campus Wear:

a.Khaki or Parker plaid skirt (minimum length while standing is at the top of the knee cap)

b.Dark shorts are required wear under skirts at all times.

c.Khaki pants

d.Monogrammed button down oxford shirts with white or white/blue stripes.

e.Monogrammed Polo shirts: white or navy

f.Navy monogrammed pullover sweater and/or vest

g.Navy monogrammed zip-up fleece or zip-up sweatshirt requires a uniform shirt underneath

h.Navy monogrammed pullover sweatshirt or hoodie

i.Solid colored coordinated leggings (blue, black, gray, or white)

2.Boys Campus Wear:

a.Khaki Pants or Shorts (minimum length while standing is at the top of the top of the knee cap; no cargo or painter’s pants, no drawstrings knee or waist)

b.Monogrammed button-down oxford shirts: white, or white/blue stripes

c.Monogrammed polo shirts: white, navy

d.Navy monogrammed zip-up fleece or zip-up sweatshirt requires a uniform shirt underneath

e.Navy monogrammed pullover sweatshirt or hoodie

f.Long sleeve white or navy monogrammed polo

1.Senior Privilege:

Seniors have the option of wearing a monogrammed red polo shirt. This option is reserved for seniors only.

2.Miscellaneous Information for Everyone:

a.Button-down oxford shirts must be tucked in. Polo shirts may be worn untucked.

b.Belts must be worn with all clothing that has belt loop

c.Traditional beige colored khaki is to be worn (no green khaki, brown khaki, or bleached khaki).

d.Only a plain (no print) white t-shirt or white/beige camisole may be worn under any uniform shirt.

e.A uniform shirt must be worn under all zip-up sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets.

Casual Wear On Fridays and/or other days set by the Student Council; students are free to make independent clothing choices which conform to the following guidelines:

1.Modesty: All clothing must follow Biblical guidelines for modesty.


a.Polo shirts, T-shirts, button-down shirts and sweatshirts may be worn.

b.No tank tops, sleeveless shirts, or halter tops may be worn.

c.Tops must be modest and show no cleavage, underwear, or midriff at any time.

d.Girls’ sheer or see-through must have a camisole/tank underneath

e.No shirt can have logos or designs which violate Biblical morality standards (e.g. advertising sexual immorality, alcohol, tobacco, ungodly lifestyle-which includes people/groups/organizations, etc.) nor may they have other secondary school names or logos.

f.All shirts must be buttoned to the point where no cleavage shows.

g.Sweatshirts: may have hoods, but hoods may be used only when outdoors.

h.All shirts must not show midriff when arms are raised.


a.Pant and jean styles can be any color with or without pockets. No cargo or painter style pants are permitted.

b.All pants must be appropriately sized for waist and length and worn at the waist.

c.No sagging or slabbing is permitted.

d.No pants with draw strings, elastic waist bands, holes, slits, rips, tears, intentional cuts, or manufactured cuts/holes or excessive fraying or “distressing” can be worn to school.

e.Warm-up, wind, or any type of athletic pant will not be allowed in the classroom during school hours unless it is part of a team uniform and everyone on the team is wearing the pant on Friday only.

f.Sweat pants are not permitted to be worn.

g.Capri pants are permitted for girls. (Length must come below the knee).

h.Yoga pants, leggings, or jeggings are permitted for girls if the blouse is no shorter than the top of the knee cap.


a.Boys’ shorts can be any color, with or without pockets, but no cargo or painter style shorts

b.At no time can underwear or top of buttocks show out of top of shorts or bottom hem of shorts.

c.All shorts must be appropriately sized for waist, hips and length. They must be worn at the waist. (minimum length while standing is at the top of the top of the knee cap)

d.No sagging or slabbing is permitted.

e.No shorts with draw strings or elastic bands, holes, rips, slits, tears, intentional cuts, or manufactured cuts/holes or excessive fraying or distressing can be worn to school.

f.Sweat shorts are not permitted to be worn.

g.Girls are not permitted to wear shorts of any type as outerwear.

Accessories and Optional Wear:

1.Skirt length: Minimum skirt length must be at the top of the knee cap while standing.

2.Monograms: If you purchase chapel or campus wear from stores other than Parker Uniform Company, you must have items monogrammed using the same font, color or thread, letter size and monogram design as used by Parker. All monograms will be placed on the left breast position. This information will be available in the office, as well as a list of local vendors offering monogramming.

3.Outerwear: While in the school building or gym, students must wear designated monogrammed outerwear previously mentioned. If inclement weather requires heavier coats or jackets, they may be only worn outdoors and must conform to Biblical principles of modesty and morality. Earned “Lettermen” jackets of Legacy or Cathedral are approved.

4.Team wear: All designs for team shirts, T-shirts, and sweatshirts must follow Legacy guidelines and be approved by administration before produced or worn. Designated approved “team wear” may be worn on Fridays and/or Team Spirit Days pre-approved by the school’s administrator.

5.Warm-ups and Wind pants: These may be worn in the classroom only if they are part of a team uniform or expected team wear on a Friday. The entire team must be clothed in the same outfit on the specific day.

6.Shoes: No flip-flops or sandals are to be worn with uniforms.

7.Students must wear shoes that are closed at both toe and heal. Students are required to wear shoes at all times while on school property. On Casual Dress Friday, students may wear flip flops. At no time should a student wear any shoe indoors that is or could be damaging or destructive to the school flooring (e.g. cleats).

8.Hair: All hair should be well groomed, neat, and held back out of the eyes. Boys’ hair on the side of the head should not exceed the bottom of the ear. Hair on the back of the head should not touch the top of the collar. Hair on the front of the head should not extend below the eyebrows or hang in the eyes. No hairstyle involving shaving of the scalp will be allowed. Side burns are permissible for boys as long as they do not exceed the bottom of the ear. Any other type of facial hair is not permissible. Painted or excessively dyed hair is not acceptable. Hair with bright colored streaks like pink, purple, or blue are not permitted with boys or girls.

9.Headwear: No headwear or hair accessories of any type (caps, hats, headbands, handkerchiefs, etc.) shall be worn indoors during school hours by boys. Young ladies may not wear any type of cap, hat, handkerchief, etc. indoors during school hours but girls may wear hair accessories as long as they match the school uniform.

Unacceptable Appearances and Clothing:

1.Gang, Cult, Witchcraft, Demonic or Gothic Wear: No clothing choices which may be construed as gang, cult, demonic, or gothic related can be worn at any time while on the school campus or while representing the school off-campus. This means no chalky white facial foundations or powders or black lipstick can be worn. No cult, gang, demonic related signs or symbols can be worn on any piece of clothing or any exposed part of the body at any time. This includes jewelry and other accessories. No caps, hoods, head wraps, handkerchiefs, shirts or T-shirts representing, depicting or advertising any group which participates in the aforementioned activities may be worn. All interpretations of this rule shall be determined by school administration.

2.Body Piercings, Earrings, and Tattoos: Girls are allowed to have pierced ears and wear earrings to school. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings on school property or while representing Legacy Christian Academy in any way as a participant in a co-curricular activity. No nose, tongue, lip, eyebrow, or other piercing or body rings can be worn on school property or while representing Legacy Christian Academy in any way as a fan or as a participant in any school activity. Tattoos must be covered at all times while on school property or while representing Legacy Christian Academy in any way as a spectator or as a participant in any activity. If tattoos are not covered by clothing, they must be covered with a bandage.

3.No blankets or throws allowed during school hours.

P.E. Uniforms P.E. uniforms consist of a Vegas Gold, Legacy t-shirt and hunter, dark green shorts. The uniform can be purchased at Jubi Prints. Appropriate warm-up suits may be worn for P.E. during cool weather months. Appropriate athletic shoes and white athletic socks are also required.

Homecoming and Spring Formal Dance Attire

Gentlemen: Proper dress includes a suit, dress shirt, tie, and dress shoes; a sport coat, dress shirt, tie, slacks, dress shoes; or a tuxedo with dress shoes. This is a dressy, formal occasion. Do not wear jeans, tennis shoes, or flip flops.

Ladies: There are a variety of styles to choose from for dress length: floor length, calf length or below the bottom of the knee cap. This is a dressy, formal occasion. Do not wear any dress above the knee.

Strapless and spaghetti strap dress are allowed if:

Fits tightly across the chest

Comes just under the armpits

Back of dress must no go below mid-back (the bra line)

No cleavage of any kind showing

Other dress styles are permitted so long as they do not show any cleavage, be cut low in the front, low cut under the arms, or low cut on the back (no lower than the bra line). Other dress styles are allowed but may not include:

See through dresses or sheer skirts unless the under skirt is below the knee

High dress slits

Open backs, criss-cross or lace up that shows the back below mid-back

Flip-flops may not be worn

These dress rules apply to your date as well, even if they are not from Legacy! The Dress Code will be enforced!If there are any questions about the acceptability of an outfit, students should bring the outfit to school for consultation with administration.


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