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Cathedral Christian School

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The Legacy Vision and Mission is to provide a Christ-Centered, College prep education, and to partner with parents in developing Christian character and noble deeds that students apply to make a difference in the world and to reach their God-given destinies summarized by "Christ Curriculum Character" 

Varsity Football Roster
Name Num Grade
Jared Kemp 54 12
Treylon Esprit 7 12
Micheal Vorpahl 72 12
Ty Youmans 42 12
Taylor Phelps 32 11
Darren Lacy Jr. 4 11
Madison Johnsen 3 11
Brent Tubbs 55 11
Tanner Lockhart 70 11
Adarian Colligan 75 11
Matthew Touchet 60 11
Tristan Ozmun 2 10
Cole Mckinstry 91 10
Willie Jones III 9 10
Wesley Stapleton 33 10
Peter Trahan 30 10
David Kimball 65 10
Tommy Tu 20 10
David Raymond 52 10
Drew Hill 12 10
Derrick Gordon 13 9
Mason Weaver 56 9

Head Coach: Troy Esprit

Assistant Coaches: Kasey Nonett, Clinton Smith, Nick Rizzotto, James David, Jason 
Brown, Rob Ashabraner, Jay Anderson, Greg Levier, & Steven Jones.

Team Chaplin: Alex Richardson

Athletic Director: Rob Harris

Cheer Coach: Vicki Stevens

Mascot: Warrior

School Colors: Vegas Gold/Forest Green             


September 23
Blood Drive

September 24
See You at the Pole

September 26-28
Homecoming Hall Decorating

September 29
Homecoming Week
Spirit Dress
PJ Day

Powder Puff Game

September 30
Homecoming Week
Spirit Dress 
Decades Day

Volleyball Tournament

October 1
Homecoming Week
Spirit Dress 
Multiples Day

Date Appreciation

October 2
Homecoming Week
Spirit Dress
Elderly Day

Pep Rally & Bon Fire

October 3
Homecoming Week
Spirit Dress
Green & Gold Day

Homecoming Game

October 4
Homecoming Week

Banquet & Dance

October 5
Homecoming Week

Hallway Clean up

October 10-11
Dig Deep MS Volleyball Tourney

October 17

Progress Reports

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