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The Legacy Vision and Mission is to provide a Christ-Centered, College prep education, and to partner with parents in developing Christian character and noble deeds that students apply to make a difference in the world and to reach their God-given destinies summarized by "Christ Curriculum Character" 

A uniform dress code was selected for Kindergarten through fifth grade for the following reasons:

1. More convenient and economical

2. Eliminates extremes in dress and competition among students

3. Encourages positive behavior

4. Creates a distinctive school identity and promotes school spirit

K3 and K4 Dress Code

K3 and K4 students are allowed to wear casual, comfortable clothes. Shorts are permitted. Students may not wear shorts on Chapel Day. For the students’ safety in playing at P.E. and recess, no flip flops or backless shoes are permitted, (only closed toe shoes and shoes with backs).

Chapel Day Dress (Wednesday)

Grades K-5

Girls: Legacy plaid jumper* with a solid white blouse with Peter Pan collar*.

Minimum length for jumper is no more than 2” above the knee. Navy shorts must be


underneath the jumper and navy leggings are permitted during the winter

Boys: Khaki full-length pants with light blue button down dress shirt. A belt must be worn

with the pants for students in grades 3-5 No cargo pants, colored jeans, or khaki jeans. Dress shirt must be tucked in.

Chapel uniform must be worn all day long on Chapel day.


Regular School Wear Options for Days Other Than Chapel Day

Girls: Skort/Jumper:

Khaki full length pants
Khaki shorts--no more than 2” above the knee
Plaid Legacy skort--no more than 2” above the knee
No capris are allowed except for Friday dress
Leggings only in navy or white are allowed in cold weather
Plaid Legacy jumper


Polo knit shirt: red or gray only (Shirts do not have to be tucked in.)

White blouse with Peter Pan collar to be worn with jumper


All elementary students may wear a Legacy waterproof jacket with a hood.

Gray fleece jacket

Gray sweatshirt—(Must have a uniform blouse/shirt underneath)

In regards to Legacy plaid jumpers, please take notice that during the school year students may grow as much as two inches in height. Therefore, the jumper may not be in regulation as the school year progresses, and may need to be replaced with one that is in regulation.

Boys: Pants/Shorts:

Khaki pants

Khaki shorts—worn to the knee

Pants with pockets on the outside are not to be worn.

No cargo pants or shorts


Only white undershirts can be worn under the uniform.

Polo knit shirt: red or gray only (Shirts do not have to be tucked in.)

Gray sweatshirt—(Must have a uniform shirt underneath)


Gray fleece jacket

Gray sweatshirt—(Must have a uniform blouse/shirt underneath)

Legacy waterproof jacket with a hood

Uniforms can be purchased from Parker Uniform Company, 3863 Stagg Dr., Outlet #51, Beaumont, Texas 77701 (across from Gateway Shopping Center) or purchased on-line at . Clothing purchased from other vendors must meet the design and color, and bears the appropriately placed and designed Legacy Christian Academy monogram.

Legacy’s Web ID code for Parker Uniforms is: HO011403.

All Students

All students grades K-5 must have all blouses, shirts, sweatshirts and fleece jackets emblazoned with the Legacy logo. Parker and Jubi Prints will be able to do the logo.

Uniform boy’s shorts/girl’s skorts may be worn any time of the year except on chapel day. During periods of cooler weather the jackets may be worn by students in the classroom. This jacket is the only jacket to be worn inside and outside of the classroom.

Regular oxfords (loafer-type or lace-up) or tennis shoes may be worn by both boys and girls. Shoes must be closed toe and have a back. No cleats or shoes with soles which will mark floors will be permitted. Shoes with rollers on the bottom are not permitted. No crocs are allowed for safety reasons. Socks, (solid white, red, blue, and black only) that coordinate with the uniform must be worn with shoes.

Belts that coordinate with the uniform must be worn with pants or shorts. Belts are required on chapel days for students in grades 3-5.

Cargo pants, colored jeans or shorts are not acceptable.

Shirts with inappropriate logos or messages are not permitted. Girls are not to wear halter tops or tops that reveal midriff.

All clothing (including uniforms) should be permanently and plainly marked on the inside with student’s name to prevent loss.

Hair is to be well-groomed, neat, and out of the eyes. Boys’ hair is to be neatly trimmed, not below the collar, and with the ear lobes showing.

No hats or caps are to be worn in the buildings.

No athletic wear is allowed.

Occasionally, Legacy Elementary will have a “Dress-Up Day” of some type. Examples include – Spirit Days, Book Character, Pep Rallies, Valentine Red and White Day, Red and Green Day at Christmas or on Awards Day at the end of the school year. On these days, it is important to remember the spirit of the uniform code at Legacy Elementary. Our goal is modesty in all things and to keep our focus on Christian character of the individual. In order to maintain these goals, we ask that any outfit chosen for wear on these days conform to the same high standards as the daily uniforms. Jumpers, dresses, shorts, or skorts must meet the usual minimum length requirements. This applies also to any specially required evening or off-campus functions at which students are representing Legacy Christian Academy.

The uniform and dress policy will be enforced by the principal or designee who reserves the right to make final determination in all matters of judgment regarding dress.

Casual Wear Fridays

Parents/students are free to make independent clothing choices which conform to the following guidelines:

1. Modesty: All clothing must follow Biblical guidelines for modesty.

2. Shirts:

a. Polo shirts, t-shirts, button-down shirts and sweatshirts may be worn

b. No tank tops or halter tops may be worn.

c. Tops must be modest and show no open back, underwear, or midriff at any


d. Shirts cannot be sheer or see-through

e. No shirt can have logos or designs which violate Biblical morality standards

(e.g. skulls, inappropriate comics, ungodly lifestyle – which includes

people/groups/organizations, etc.)

f. Sweatshirts: may have hoods, but hoods may be used only when outdoors.

g. Sweaters and sweatshirts: must extend below waistband of pants/skirt/skort

tops and not show midriff when arms are raised.

3. Pants:

a. Pant and jean styles can be any color, with or without pockets.

b. All pants must be appropriately sized for waist and length and worn at the


c. No pants with holes, slits, rips, tears, intentional cuts, or manufactured cuts/

holes or

excessive fraying or “distressing” can be worn to school.

4. Shorts/Skirts/Skorts:

a. Shorts/skirts/skorts can be any color, with or without pockets

b. At no time can underwear or top of buttocks show out of top of shorts or

bottom hem

of shorts.

c. All shorts/skirts/skorts must be appropriately sized for waist, hips and length,

and must be worn at the waist. Short length must adhere to dress code.

d. No shorts/skirts/skorts with holes, rips, slits, tears, intentional cuts, or

manufactured cuts/holes or excessive fraying or distressing can be worn to




Uniforms are worn Monday-Thursday

Legacy or Christian Shirt on Friday

We kindly ask that our parents also follow the policy of modesty when visiting our campus or participating in Legacy sponsored activities. 


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