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Welcome to the Legacy Christian Academy website. No matter why you chose to visit us, it is a great honor to have you on our site. In advance, we have prayed GOD’s richest blessings on you and everyone who takes time out of their busy day to be with us. Even through the Internet we want HIS presence and influence felt. Our real life experiences tell us that faith in and dependency on JEHOVAH are wise decisions for anyone to make, especially when trying to build a Kingdom School of excellence.

So often people have preconceived ideas about a school that uses GOD’s name, especially when “dependency” enters the discussion. Instead of focusing on GOD’s sovereignty and how that would benefit any organization, they would rather choose to attach a tag of inferiority because human logic/intelligence is not the focus. At Legacy we believe that GOD is perfect, which includes HIS immeasurable power and knowledge that HE shares freely with HIS children. Our desire is to go well beyond human wisdom, understanding and intelligence, because families deserve the best, and a relationship with GOD provides everything we need in life based upon our FATHER’s ability to know the past, present, and future. As predicted in the Bible, some will look at this as foolishness, while others bow in worship knowing they are receiving what they do not deserve from an infinite source of love.

Yes, Legacy Christian Academy is a CHRIST- centered school of excellence, which means we create an individualized growth plan for each of our students based upon measurable objectives. This is a mandate from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS-AdvancED), but more than that, it aligns with GOD’s will to prepare HIS children to be people of influence in the world. Assembling a faculty committed to training children to be world changers is a daunting task, but through prayer GOD always directs us to individuals with a shared passion to equip students for the future. Thus, being CHRIST-centered benefits everyone, even those who do not believe in GOD, because they ultimately like the results.

This note from my desk was only intended to be a brief welcome and a general summary of Legacy. Let me encourage you on behalf of our Board of Directors, administration, faculty and staff to learn more about LCA. I know our people would love to meet you and in the process answer any questions that you might have. We believe in relational education which allows us to create a family atmosphere in which people are highly valued. Please accept my personal invitation to join the Legacy Family if just for a few minutes. Because we have chosen to allow GOD to be our “everything,” anything is possible, and in the end, people make eternal decisions.

May GOD grant you an abundance of HIS peace and joy as you grow in your faith and trust in HIM.

For HIM,

Jon Cregor