History of Legacy Christian Academy

Legacy Christian Academy has a rich heritage, dating from 1975 when birthed as a licensed daycare facility on the campus of Cathedral in the Pines Church under the vision of Pastor Delmar Dabney. In 1976 a kindergarten and first grade were added. The second and third grades were added in 1977 with grades four, five and six added in 1978. Cathedral Christian School evolved into a fully accredited school campus encompassing grades Pre-K3 to 12th still on the church grounds on Eastex Freeway.

In May 1979, the church and preschool buildings were destroyed by fire. Cathedral Christian School was able to resume with the regular school year 1979-80 but the middle school and high school were discontinued due to lack of classroom space. They were able to be added again a few years later.

Cathedral Christian School continued to grow, and in 1995, forty-three acres of land along Highway 105 were partially purchased from, and partially donated by Don Streety. On December 21, 1997, Cathedral Christian High School conducted a dedication service on the new property. In January 1998, classes began on the new high school campus. Seventh and eighth grades were added to the campus in 2002.

On July 1, 2007, Cathedral in the Pines graciously transferred the school governance, its assets and land to an independent, non-denominational Christian educational foundation. This new school was named Legacy Christian Academy for three reasons: the legacy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; the legacy of Pastor Dabney and Cathedral in the Pines; and the legacy left by each student, teacher, and staff member.

In 2009 Legacy added the sixth grade to its middle school. Pre-K3 through 5th grades were added to the current property in 2011 when Cathedral Christian Elementary School closed its doors. After fourteen years, the grade levels were all contained on one campus once again, under the independent ownership and direction of Legacy Christian Academy. Today, Legacy Christian Academy is fully accredited by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) and is a PreK3 through 12th grade campus.