I would like to welcome you to a wonderful journey to serve and grow closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ while reaching academic heights of excellence.  This past year was full of challenges and opportunities to serve.  Our staff and students all rose to the level of excellence that our Lord desires.  

“My steps have held fast to Your paths.

My feet have not slipped.”  Psalm 17:5

We often think that God is not with us when we face difficult times.  That is not the case.  He never promised that we would have smooth paths to walk on.  But he did promise that our feet would not slip on the paths while we walk with Him.  This year will be a journey of uncertainty and adventure.  

“For we walk by faith and not by sight.”  1 Cor. 5:7  

We will walk by faith that the God of all creation is still on His throne, and He is in control!

It is truly a blessing to be a part of this incredible family that serves the Lord together.  Even with all the uncertainty and unknown, it will be another amazing journey this year!  

I pray that our students and staff will feel the courage to show Jesus in all that we do.  I am hopeful that we as a community can again rise to serve and to share Jesus with everyone we meet.  I pray that we will feel the boldness to rise to the highest level of academic excellence.  And I pray that we will feel peace and patience in order to be able to demonstrate the character that Jesus desires.


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Your fellow servant in Christ,

Kevin F. Wharton, Ed. D.