Senior College Beat for Seniors – January 2019

Dear Parents,

Now is my time to nag you. Has your senior received their meningitis shot yet? Have you completed FAFSA for possible scholarships or work-study?

Below are updated scholarship opportunities:

Mobiloil Credit Union: They are awarding (8) $2500 scholarships for Southeast Texas. Visit their website at

Education First Federal Credit Union: They award every school (1) $1000 scholarship. Deadline is March 31. Please have your student stop by my office for the application.

Motiva: They are offering (10) $10,000 scholarships for students who are going to attend Lamar University. The deadline is February 16. Visit their website at

Gulf Credit Union: They are awarding (10) $1000 scholarships for our area. The deadline is Monday, March 4. Please have your student stop by my office for the application. This application includes submitting an essay so students will need time to complete it.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!! I am praying that all our Seniors finish strong!!!

In Him,

Rhonda Cregor

College Beat for Seniors September 2018

FAFSA Information

Normally, I would send you this information in early January regarding filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). However, our government is now allowing families to fill out FAFSA beginning October 1 and using your 2017 tax returns! Please feel free to read about filling out the application at

I strongly recommend that you fill this out every year your student will be attending college. All students must complete this to receive any scholarships, work study on campus, or loans. Even if you do not think you will receive any federal help, it still needs to be completed in order for a student to be eligible for any financial aid. PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR FSA ID (or PIN number) once you establish it! The site is

You may go back to the site after saving a page, so please do not feel like you must complete it at one setting. And, you will need to assist your student all along the way on this site.

We already have several Seniors who have been accepted to universities, such as Texas A&M University, Lamar, Baylor, and Liberty!! Congratulations!!!!!!

The sooner your senior is accepted to a college, the sooner you can begin scholarship applications J. Two sites that I recommend are: and

I have met with most seniors individually and will meet with the rest this afternoon. We have discussed their future endeavors, both in general and specific terms. I told them their next steps to complete and will continue to encourage them to have a strong Senior finish!!!

As always, please feel free to call me

In Him,

Rhonda Cregor

College Beat for Juniors September 2018

Dear Parents of Juniors,

It is time to sign up your child for the ACT, SAT, or both! Students must take one of the tests in order to be accepted into college. To sign up for the SAT, please go to To sign up for the ACT, please go to Every college in the country accepts either test!

Each site takes about 30 minutes to complete the registration. The ACT also includes a free interest inventory for your student to complete, then gives suggestions (based on their answers) on possible fields of study they may be interested in! I strongly encourage your student to complete the inventory. It will take another 20-30 minutes but is well worth it.

You will be able to choose where you want to take the SAT or ACT (such as LCA, Lamar, or West Brook), when you want to take it (the sooner the better!), then pay on the site. Also, at the end of the registration, it will allow you to send your scores to up to 4 colleges FOR FREE! Please do that on the site!! If you wait until after you receive your scores, you will have to pay to have them sent, and it takes longer. It’s okay if the scores are not where you want them to be after the first time; it’s still a good idea to have them automatically sent. I would make one of the 4 colleges Lamar.

I strongly encourage every Junior to take one or both of the tests next semester. College applications can now begin as early as August, so already having a college entrance test score helps speed up the acceptance!

Also, during the summer, try to set up college visits of your student’s top 3 choices. Sign up on each college’s website for a scheduled visit ahead of time. And, your child will need to get the Bacterial Meningitis shot over the summer-ugh!

Please see the attached ACT information sheets and let me know if you have any questions!

In Him,

Rhonda Cregor