College Beat for Seniors
October 2020

FAFSA Information

Below is a link to an FAFSA guide to help you navigate through the site.  Please try to complete this for your senior before the end of October.
Even if you don’t think your senior will qualify for free grants, this application will need to be filled out each year in order for your student to receive any kind of scholarship or work-study program.

I have met with most of our seniors individually regarding the college application process, as well as future goals.  You are raising fine, Godly students, and I dearly love them all!!  I have encouraged them to have all their college apps completed and sent by the end of October.  Please continue to let me know if you need me to send transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.  Universities, such as TAMU, now have a different portal just for students so what they are now requiring is quite different than last year!

FAFSA-final guide