Lunches are to be ordered at

Your email, name, and student(s) are already set up in the system.
*To get started please go to type in your email, click on ‘forgot password’ and (re)set your password.
*To setup a different email go to the same address BUT click ‘signup’. Only one email account can be assigned to a student.


Important Information:
a) With this system you can ‘bank’ money for your child’s lunches. There are fees associated with adding money to your child’s account, not when transferring between students.
b) The fee for a transaction of $60 or less will only be $2.25.
c) The fee for a transaction of greater than $60 will be 3% of the total plus $.50 per transaction.
d) Each morning through the system, ordering will automatically be cut-off at 8:30 a.m. We will not be ordering extras and no orders will be taken by the school.
e) If you have pre-ordered a lunch for any given day and now your child will not be present for lunch; you will be responsible for logging in and cancelling the pre-order by 8:30 a.m. To cancel the order, go to the calendar, zero the quantity previously ordered, then save.
f) No refunds will be processed, nor will balances be rolled into the next school year so please monitor your balance closely.


Elementary Lunch Info for 2022-2023


Lunch orders and purchasing are to be completed online at  Lunch can be purchased by the day, week, or month but must be processed by 8:30am.  It is the responsibility of the parent or student to purchase and cancel any orders online.  No refunds will be given and no lunch charging will be allowed.  Please feel free to “brown bag it” on any or all days.  


Lunchtime Rules and Ordering Information

Rules governing lunchtime conduct will be enforced from the time the students go to lunch until regular classroom activities begin after lunch.


  1. All students will eat their lunches in the Elementary Recreational Building unless alternate plans are approved by the principal.
  2. Student conduct in the Recreational Building shall be in accordance with standards of good eating, table manners, and self-discipline.
  3. All students are responsible for placing all refuse in the receptacles provided and leaving their tables clean.
  4. Students must finish eating before they leave the table.
  5. Students must remain in the cafeteria until dismissed by their teacher.
  6. Failure to adhere to simple rules of courtesy and cleanliness may result in disciplinary measures.


Questions?  Contact Sandy Sellers @


Monday: Carlito’s

Chicken & cheese quesadillas, beans, rice, chips, salsa

Tuesday: Jason’s Deli
Penne pasta with chicken alfredo, carrots w/ranch dip

Wednesday: Jason’s Deli
Turkey and cheese on a croissant, kettle chips

Thursday: Chick-Fil-A
8 chicken nuggets with waffle chips

Friday: Little Caesars Pizza
2 slices of cheese pizza