At Legacy Christian Academy, Chapel isn’t just a box we check off each week. Chapel is a deliberate and essential ingredient of a spiritual development “recipe” that begins in PreK and goes all the way through a student’s senior year. And just as every good recipe has a few fundamental ingredients, our essentials include dynamic worship, a clear presentation from God’s Word, an opportunity to share with our teachers and a Bible study method integrated into the discussion time.

Our chapel topics are derived from the concept found in Luke 2:52 where Scripture says that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and with man. As we work to develop our students in each of these four areas, our chapel topics give us an opportunity to use God’s Word as a light for their path as students develop physically, emotionally and spiritually. Whether we are dealing with the issues of drugs and alcohol or developing a powerful prayer life, our speakers in chapel use God’s Word as their foundation.