At Legacy Christian Academy, we are deeply committed to presenting Christ to each athlete so that, by God’s grace, each might grow in Christian character. This is our first priority because we are more concerned about the eternal destiny of our athletes than any other single factor. At Legacy, we recognize that the athletic field offers opportunities for growth in Christian character that does not exist in the classroom.

We desire that each athlete perceives a godly concept of success. While winning the contest is the object of planning and preparation on the part of both coach and athlete, it must not be considered as the sole measure of success. Other values, which are being built into the athlete, must be the ultimate criteria on whether or not we are truly successful.

The criteria for determining the success of each athlete will be seen in the qualities he or she is developing in his or her life. Such things as loyalty, respect for others, proper manners, perseverance, commitment, integrity, diligence, servant-hood, suitable response to crises, humility, handling victory and defeat, encouraging to others, demonstrating unconditional love, developing a work ethic, despising self-glorification, and knowing the joy of play are standards we work to instill.

Athletics is not an end in itself. It may be used either to glorify God or bring Him into shame and derision in the world’s eyes. We desire to instill in our athletes this God-centered attitude toward athletics. This will encourage them to be well-rounded student-athletes who develop interests and abilities in other areas.

On behalf of the Athletic Department, we invite you to come out and experience a new phase in your life as you pursue the possibility of a meaningful High School education here at Legacy Christian Academy.




NCSA to provide recruiting support to student-athletes, coaches and administrators at TAPPS member schools

CHICAGO (February 4, 2019) — Next College Student Athlete (NCSA), the world’s largest and most successful college athletic recruiting network, today announced a strategic partnership with the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS).

NCSA and TAPPS will work together to ensure TAPPS student-athletes, families, school administrators and coaches have the valuable tools and resources needed to navigate the recruiting process.

NCSA will host informational events at TAPPS schools throughout the year for student-athletes and families, as well as provide quarterly webinars for school administrators on the recruiting process. In addition, NCSA will attend TAPPS Regional and State Championships to help the Student-Athletes begin the recruiting process along with attending TAPP’s annual convention where they will offer educational recruiting sessions for athletic directors, administrators and coaches.

TAPPS coaches will also have free access to NCSA’s team recruiting platform, Team Edition, which allows coaches to track and help guide their athletes’ college recruitment process with easy-to-use software.
Team Edition provides exposure to athletes and teams, connecting users to NCSA’s database of more than 35,000 college coaches across 34 sports.

“At NCSA, we’re constantly striving to better serve student-athletes, families, coaches and school administrators,” said NCSA President Lisa Strasman. “Our partnership with TAPPS will allow us to continue our comprehensive approach to recruiting, simultaneously reaching each audience and providing support throughout each phase of the recruiting process.”

As the major governing body of private schools in the state of Texas, TAPPS works to organize and encourage athletic, academic and fine arts programs for over 40,000 students at more than 230 private and parochial schools across the state.

“This partnership brings great value to our association. NCSA will offer direction and support to student-athletes and families as well as coaches and administrators,” said TAPPS Associate Director Steve Prud’homme. “Our schools are renown for producing well rounded individuals. Year after year, we see TAPPS student-athletes become valued members of college programs. NCSA and TAPPS will be working together to create even greater opportunities.”

Founded in 2000 to help educate student-athletes and their families on the college athletic recruiting process, NCSA combines proprietary technology with specialized recruiting experts to offer a comprehensive approach to every phase of the recruiting process.

About Next College Student Athlete (NCSA)

Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) is the world’s largest and most successful collegiate athletic recruiting network. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Reigning Champs LLC, NCSA leverages proprietary technology and data with professional expertise and personal relationships, connecting hundreds of thousands of college-bound student-athletes to more than 35,000 college coaches nationwide across 34 sports each year. Learn more about NCSA at


Chartered in 1978, the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) serves to organize, stimulate, encourage and promote the academic, athletic and fine arts programs in an effort to foster a spirit of fair play, good fellowship, true sportsmanship and wholesome competition for boys and girls. From a humble beginning of 20 member schools in 1978, twelve of which remain members, TAPPS has grown to a membership of 230 schools with a combined enrollment near 50,000 students. Schools are presently aligned in six classifications with districts across the state of Texas. For more information visit